Nightingale Farms

Freshness you can see and taste.

At Nightingale Farms we grow, process and package top quality vegetables using a unique combination of cutting edge technology and traditional farming knowledge.

We are leaders in agricultural innovation and this allows us to better serve our customers by providing the best possible quality vegetables over an extended growing season and with a more predictable and dependable harvest schedule. This, in turn, means you can offer your customers much sought-after Fresh Ontario Produce earlier in Spring and long into the Fall with very little worry about harvest delays due to inclement weather.

Open to the public

Do you own your own restaurant, café or catering company? Are you an avid canner? Or perhaps you're in charge of salad for a large crowd at a special event.

You need top quality fresh-picked vegetables bursting with flavour to ensure your favourite recipes continue to tantalize taste buds. Now you can purchase fresh local produce by the carton straight from the farmer's field.

Contact our sales department for more information and to order the very best of farm fresh produce today.